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Chris Cruse and Associates Real Estate

For over 30 years, Chris Cruse & Associates has served the general public in the marketing of real estate. Our association with the real estate industry, however, extends much further.

Getting to know the company through its website: Cruse and Associates


For an engineering design firm to make a mark online, it’s first and foremost tool to use to reach the millions out there who have not heard of it is through an attractive and interesting website. Not to mention a completely appealing and engaging one.


The way it appears now, the website still needs a lot of work. As in A LOT! First of all, not a single photo is up to show in a split second what the text is talking about. Secondly, minimalism can be restful and pleasing; but in trying to gain readers to stay online, one must not only use photos, animation, color variety but even the counter-intuitive use of negative space. Too much white space with only a small splattering of black-and-white text can be deadening. It may bring out a certain effect; but not when the font is too small against the wilderness of snow.


Another point is that, engineers in general, are well-known as soft-spoken, tacit, uncluttered and even self-deprecating. Those who have been through years of engineering schooling rarely see flamboyance in appearance and character among the lot. Hence, the appearance of Cruse’s website plays tribute to this reputation among engineers. But there is nothing wrong with trying to be different from what you have portrayed yourself to be in life as well as in business.


Cyberspace networking dynamics, however, requires basic visibility standards which require the use of such things already mentioned here. One cannot be a singer without the essential desire to perform in front of people. So, for a company to stand at par with others, whether they are financial consultancy firms, online journalists or sellers of books or shoes, it must present itself beyond the formal black suit and uncolorful tie ensemble. Alright, those will do at times; but at least, use some gold cuff links, two-tone shoes, pastel-colored dress shirt and, perhaps, subtly dyed hair.


Ultimately, appearance counts a lot in Internet visibility. SEOs can do a lot to help a firm gain that in a matter of time. But the time could be greatly shortened through the use of certain website design features already mentioned, and many more out there. It reminds us of the traditional conflict between engineers and architects: the former being more concerned with strength and stability while the latter with aesthetics or appearances.


Being an engineering firm, Cruse may not have the obligation to appear like an architectural firm. But great strides can be gained if they could show that aside from inner integrity, it also has outer appeal and beauty.

Source: http://wallinside.com/post-12907263-getting-to-know-the-company-through-its-website-cruse-and-associates.html

Chris Cruse and Associates Real Estate Industry Warned About Spruiking

The corporate regulator has warned real estate agents to adhere to the licensing requirements for self-managed super fund (SMSF) property investment advice.


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) yesterday announced it is working with the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) to ensure real estate agents understand their legal obligations when dealing with SMSFs.


ASIC has written to the REIA, the state and territory real estate institutes and property investment associations outlining its concerns and requesting the real estate bodies pass these on to members.


“Real estate agents may not realize that they may be carrying on a business of providing financial product advice and may need an [Aust          ralian Financial Services] license, or authorization under an AFS license, when making recommendations or statements of opinion to a person to use an SMSF to invest in property,” ASIC’s letter stated.


In its letter, ASIC also warned that persons convicted of carrying on an unlicensed financial services business may be subject to a fine of up to $34,000 or imprisonment for two years, or both.


In addition, ASIC stated it is aware some real estate agents are offering commissions or benefits to financial advisers for recommending that investors use an SMSF to purchase the real estate agents' properties.


Such commissions may be considered conflicted remuneration and financial advisers may be banned from receiving them under the Future of Financial Advice reforms, ASIC stated.


“We want to ensure the SMSF sector remains healthy and vibrant so investors can be confident that, if they are receiving advice about investing through an SMSF, their adviser holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and is aware of [their] obligations,” ASIC Commissioner Greg Tanzer said.